Friday, August 17, 2012

Aztec Prints

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leggings: Primark,   jean jacket: vintage,   flats: Primark,   tank-top: Topshop,   bag: Bershka
photos by Gendre

(i am sorry for my poses and my face, i feel kind of sick and ill these day, dont know why :()

Paskutiniu metu pamilau visokius raštus. Nežinau, ar čia tie tikrieji aztec raštai, bet bent jau panašūs ir iš karto patraukė mano dėmesį. O mamos nuomone tai dar vienos "pižaminės" kelnės. Bet už tad gražios ir patogios. Nežinau kaip jum, bet dėvint spalvingus, raštuotus drabužius nesinori kažko dar ryškesnio, todėl ir vėl pasirinkau džinsinį švarkelį (eh, manija) ir paprastą baltą maikutę. Džiaugiausi, kad vakar buvo šilčiau ir galėjau laisvai keliauti su laiveliais. Vis dar viliuosi šiltesnių orų!! Bučkis :) 

 Lately i fell in love with prints. I don't know if these are real aztec prints but they look like them and it made me notice these leggings. As my mom said "i bought another PJ pants.." oh well.. but they still look beautiful and are comfy! I don't know what about you, but when i'm wearing colourful printed clothes i don't really want to wear something really bright with them so that's why i chose jean jacket (it's a mania, really) and a basic white tank-top. I'm glad it was warm yesterday and i could go out with my flats, yay! Still hope for a warmer days!! Kisses :)


  1. really nice outfit ;)
    Unfortunately there's no Primark where I live, but I have most of sweaters with buttons from there and sometimes it's possible to get sth from Primark in SH. ;))

  2. that's how i got them! SH all the way haha :D

    1. what? :O
      omg.. XD you can find everything there,
      I'm impressed.

    2. yeah i know it's like a market but like a secondhand idk we just have these things in my town so yeah it's cool.. kind of.. :D