Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Denim Vest

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Pirmasis mano DIY! Prisimenat mano mėgstamą džinsinę liemenę iš tokių postų kaip Stars&Stripes, Sunshine Sunshine ir Holiday? Vakar nusprendžiau ją kiek atnaujinti. Nežinau ar čia dviejų dienų nieko neveikimo namuose rezultatas, ar tiesiog norėjimas kažko naujo.. faktas tas, kad šita gyvatės odos medžiaga man labai patiko taigi pabandžiau. Rezultatą matote :) 

This is my first DIY! Do you remember my favourite denim vest from posts like Stars&Stripes, Sunshine Sunshine and Holiday? I decided to renewal it. I don't know if this is a result of two days of being at home an doing nothing or it's me wanting something new.. the fact is that i really liked this snake's skin material so i tried. You can see the result here :)


  1. Eina sau, kaip nerealiai ;oo**

  2. I immediately thought about your denim jacket and the result is fine. I wouldn't be brave enough to cut my clothes [I can't trust myself :D]
    recently I liked denim jackets with studs, didn't you want to try something like this? What do you think of it? ;)

  3. i didn't cut anything, i found it an sew it haha.. i was like "whatever, i will take it off if i don't like it" but i do :) yeah i would LOVE to have a jacket or a vest with studs but i don't really know where to buy them here.. i think i should try ebay.. :)