Thursday, October 25, 2012


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boots: Zara, leather jacket: flea market, leggings: 2hand, bag: Reserved, shirt: vintage, scarf: Zara

Paskutiniu metu vis daugiau sluoksnių pasirodo mano aprangoje.. Orai žaibiškai keičiasi, o man vis dar norisi odinės striukės, akinių bei saulės spindulių.. Dėja motina gamta viską dėlioja kitaip, todėl jau šiandien teko parodyti storus šalikus ir pirštines. O buvo šalta.. 

Lately more and more layers are in my outfits.. Weather is changing so fast and i still want to wear my leather jacket, sunglases and have some sun on my skin.. Unfortunatly, Mother Nature is doing it own thing so i had to show huge scarf and gloves today. It was cold..


  1. love your boots!
    the colors of your outfit are great :)
    I'll buy a jean so!

  2. Oh the same at my place in Poland, now I'm wearing gloves, and I'm planning to buy any hat! I'm also lookin for a worsted sweater with reindeers for winter :D what do u think?

    1. i have a hat just like this scarf! yeah and worsted sweater with reindeers sounds great! :D